3 Signs a Commercial Roof’s Performance Is Compromised

A commercial roof might be more resilient than its residential counterpart, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on required maintenance. As a property owner or facilities manager, taking a proactive approach when it comes to your roof is a must so you can ensure its long-term health and performance.

Signs a Commercial Roof Performance

As one of the top roofing contractors in the area, we recommend that you keep an eye out on these three signs of a compromised commercial roofing system.

1. Roof Failure Caused by Water Intrusion

Commercial roofing systems are supposed to handle water run-off to avert moisture damage. However, weathering and a lack of maintenance can lead to the deterioration of the roofs’ structural components. For instance, roof parts that are made of metal can be weakened by rust and corrosion. When exposed to water regularly, wooden structures can accumulate mold, causing them to rot.

2. Changes in Roof Drainage

Various factors affect a roof’s health, and that includes drainage. If drains are clogged with debris, water will continuously collect or pond on the roof surface. The weight of standing water can add to the stress on the roof and supporting structures, contributing to its failure. This problem can be solved with regular maintenance and roof repair to ensure water is channeled from the roof away from the commercial property.

3. Inherent Design Errors

A commercial roof’s health and performance is compromised if it is not designed to the appropriate standards for its use and location. A roof that’s fit for the weather conditions of Tennessee can’t be used in states where heavy snowfall is expected. Otherwise, problems ranging from deflection to full collapse can happen.

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