A Closer Look at Your Roof’s Fascia and Soffit

If you’ve never had experience dealing with roofs and roofing construction in the past, then you may not be familiar with a fascia and a soffit. These roofing components serve an important role in keeping your roof functional, although they are admittedly often overlooked. Your residential roof construction experts talk about roof fascia and soffits and how they are important to whole-roof performance.

A Closer Look at Your Roof’s Fascia and Soffit

The Function of Fascia

So what is a fascia roof? The edges of your roof would look somewhat unappealing if shingles were hanging every which way without anything to cover them up. The fascia is the board, typically made from solid wood vinyl, PVA, or other synthetic materials, that covers these edges. The fascia roof boards are where the gutters are typically attached. Since they are mainly for aesthetics, many people don’t give much thought about these boards.

Your trusted roofing contractors, however, maintain that they are just as important as they are pretty. Roof fascia boards help maintain the alignment of shingles and provide a good place to mount gutters as well. They also protect the edges of your roof shingles from any damage that may be caused by strong winds that can dislodge the pieces.

The Significance of Soffits

In most homes, the roofs often have an overhang of a few inches, extending well past your home’s exterior wall. The area between this overhang and the wall is often protected by aluminum or stainless steel mesh called a soffit. Soffits connect from the back end of a fascia wall right to where your siding usually begins. Like the fascia, one of their functions is to hide away the underside of the roof, making for a cleaner and much more attractive finish. However, they are also ventilation points for your attic and serve as protection from insects, debris, or other unwanted elements from getting inside your roof.

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