Asphalt Shingles Vs. Metal Roofs: Which Is Better?

Choosing the right roofing system for your home or commercial building can be problematic sometimes. Some roofing contractors will tell you that this type of roofing is better for your roof installation or roof repair because it’s cheap. Other contractors will lure you to opt for the type of roofing that costs higher compared to the other because of its quality. They will bombard you with information until you will be left with nothing but the feeling of being torn between the choices given to you.

In this article, McGuire Roofing & Construction will help you see the better option between Asphalt Shingles and Metal Roofs by pointing out some factors to consider before choosing the best option for you.


Asphalt is a better option when it comes to appearance because of the wide variety of color and texture options to complement your taste. You can also get to choose the weight, pattern and size that you wish.


Asphalt shingles are cheaper compared to metal roofing. Since they are easy to handle and install, the labor cost, including roof repair, for asphalt shingles is relatively lower than metal roofs.


When it comes to variety, metal roofs are on top of the game because there is a wide variety available, including the type of metal materials, colors and the format (tile, shingle, panel, ribbed).


For the record, metal roofs can last up to 40-70 years. By contrast, shingles only last up to 15-20 years.


Metal roofs are highly durable, lightweight and water-resistant, which reduces roof repair.

Resistance to Elements

A metal roof is exceedingly resilient to weather, fire and climate conditions.

Painting and Sealing

Metal roof doesn’t rot and can avoid rust by applying paint or seal. It can also prevent water damage because of its ability to seal off the water.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs are made up of recyclable materials that can be continuously recycled. This type of roofing is energy-efficient and reduces energy consumption during summers.

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