Common Roof Areas Vulnerable to Water Damage

You have worked hard just to build your dream house for you and your family. It serves as your protection especially the harsh elements outside your home including the bad weather. So if your home has a few roof problems, you need to solve them immediately because it would be useless if your home can’t protect you.

You can ask roofing contractors like McGuire Roofing and Construction for advice. Here, we share what you can do about the areas of the roof vulnerable to water damage.


Flashings are thin strips of metal that protect the gaps of the roof from water intrusion. If the metal starts to corrode or to break, leaks will occur. Always check the transition areas and see if they are shut tightly.


Damaged or even loose shingles can cause water to leak into your home, staining your ceiling and walls. If left neglected, it can result in severe damage to your home, especially its wooden components. Commercial roofing contractors, however, encounter a similar part in commercial roofs: the membranes.


No matter how you protect the chimneys or roof windows, it is not guaranteed that there won’t be more openings. Always check the area and see if the water is starting to pool.


These areas are vulnerable to leaking, especially if the water runs up under the first shingle. Though it may seem that it is not happening, you have to ensure that there are no leaks so always check this area.

Ridge Vents

Not all homes have this part, but if you have one, you have to keep an eye on it. Replace this area if needed since as time passes by, there will be unwanted leaks.

Make sure that your home is always in good condition by checking all areas including the roof. Fix the areas vulnerable to damage so that it will not lead to serious problems. If you need help, contact the experts that do residential roof construction. Call McGuire Roofing and Construction today at (865) 338-7663. We serve Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN.



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