Difference Between a Roof Estimate and a Roof Inspection

Roof estimates and inspections are very different from each other. Many homeowners, however, tend to interchange the two terms, thinking that they are one and the same. However, they’re not.

Difference Between a Roof Estimate and a Roof Inspection

In this article, one of your local roofing contractors, McGuire Roofing and Construction, talks about the difference between roof estimates and inspections where either is more useful.

Roofing Estimates

Most roofing contractors offer to provide homeowners with free estimates, but what are roof estimates anyway?

Roofing estimates are just what their name implies. Roofers offer these for free because they won’t have to go and inspect every part of your roofing before they could come up with figures. They simply give you a rough estimate of how much it would cost you to have a specific problem fixed.

Homeowners who already know their roof’s issues won’t have to ask for an inspection. They can simply tell their roofing contractors what they need to do, such as replace the whole roof and the contractor will provide them with cost estimates.

Roofing Inspections

Those who don’t have any idea as to their roof’s condition will have to call for a roofer for a roof inspection. Roof inspections require roofers to climb the roof and check every single part of the roofing for potential issues.

Roofing inspections usually cost a lot more than estimates, with inspections costing an average of $200 upwards depending on the area. Inspections reveal important issues such as roof leaks, missing shingles, compromised flashing and more. Contractors are then more able to present a more accurate estimate.

When to Use Either

As you can see, roof estimates and inspections differ from each other greatly. Those who need someone to check their roofing and discuss roof repair or replacement plans with, for example, better call a contractor for an inspection.

Homeowners who already know their roof’s issues, if any, can just ask a contractor for estimates on how much they would spend for the roof to be repaired or altogether replaced.

Whether you need a roof inspection or simply need professional roofing estimates, McGuire Roofing and Construction is the right contractor for the job. We are one of the top contractors serving Maryville and Oak Ridge, TN. Give us a call at (865) 338-7663 or fill out our online form to request a free estimate. You can count on us to give you quality roof repair services.



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