Factors That Can Affect the Cost of a New Metal Roof

There are several reasons why metal roofs are one of the most popular options on the market–they’re exceptionally durable, energy-efficient, and can last up to 70 years, making them a cost-effective choice. Of course, not all metal roofs can provide the same level of protection. Remember, the quality of the material used to make the roof can affect its durability. However, a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a roof’s more durable. After all, there are several factors that can determine the cost of a metal roof. 

These include:

The Kind of Metal Used 

Steel and aluminum are the most widely used metals. Other less common options include copper and zinc. Copper and zinc roofing panels are more expensive than steel roofing panels, but they weigh less and are naturally resistant to corrosion. s are more expensive than the other two and are mostly used in historical homes due to their classic aesthetic appeal. To learn more about your roofing options, consult one of your local roofing contractors


To protect them from rust, steel roofing panels are coated with a corrosion-resistant coating made from either zinc or aluminum. Lightweight aluminum roofing panels don’t need these coatings because they’re naturally rust-resistant. However, they are more expensive than steel roofing panels. If you want to increase your exterior curb appeal, there’s also the option of choosing colored finishes. 

Roof Configuration 

A higher level of expertise is needed to install low-pitched roofs, which usually have complex roof lines and are more prone to leaks. Remember: Water tends to pond on flat surfaces. That’s why contractors recommend homeowners schedule routine roof inspections, so roofing issues can be detected early and roof repair work was done promptly. 


When you have a new roof installed, you’ll receive two warranties: one from the manufacturer and the other from the contractor. Here’s a tip: GAF® roofs installed by GAF-certified roofers are eligible for exclusive warranties that offer more protection.  

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