How Roof Pitch Affects Roof Replacement Cost

There are many factors that affect the final roof replacement cost—materials and labor among them—but the biggest factor is the roof itself. More specifically, the roof pitch. In today’s post, the roofing contractors at McGuire Roofing & Construction share an in-depth look at what is roof pitch and how it affects roofing cost.

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Roof Pitch

Roof pitch is the measure of a roof’s steepness. A typical residential roofing system has a 9/12 pitch. Roofing installers consider this a “walkable” surface, or a slope that’s comfortable to perform roofing installation on. Roof pitch is represented as a fraction or ratio. The first value or upper half of the fraction is the run, which measures the horizontal part of the pitch. The second value is the rise, or the vertical measure, and is always represented as 12 inches. In our earlier example, 9/12 roof pitch means 9 inches of rise for every foot of run.

How Does Pitch Affect Roof Replacement Cost?

The steeper the roof pitch is, the bigger the roof area will be. This means it will require more material to cover the roof place. If the roof framing is going to be rebuilt, you may have some latitude on the roof replacement cost by reducing the roof pitch. This may not be an option if the roof will only be stripped down to the roof deck. A roof with a lower pitch may also help facilitate easier roof repair.

Increasing the roof pitch can make the roof more efficient in shedding rain and snow. This can further raise the roof replacement cost, as the gutters will have to be replaced with proportionally larger ones to handle the increased load. A higher roof pitch will also increase attic ventilation requirements. In some cases, the roof may require exhaust fans for proper ventilation.

If you’re unsure whether such changes to your roof are cost-effective, a knowledgeable roofing company like us can help you find the right roof design that fits your roof replacement budget.

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