How to Prepare Your Wall for Vinyl Siding Installation

Vinyl is a very flexible material, meaning it needs a strong, flat backing to prevent the walls from looking bumpy or wavy. Before preparing your exterior walls for vinyl siding installation, make sure to clear the working area.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Learn how to prepare walls for vinyl siding installation from one of your most trusted siding and roofing contractors.

Existing Siding

Any loose boards of your existing siding will have to be nailed down and rotten ones should be replaced. Scrape off loose caulk and re-caulk around windows, door and other areas to prevent moisture infiltration. Before the installation, remove the gutters, downspouts and light fixtures. Make your home airtight by sealing all cracks and check all walls for evenness.

Vinyl Siding Sheathing

The easiest and simplest way to provide a flat, nailable surface for vinyl siding installation is by applying weather-resistant sheathing over old siding. However, the added thickness where siding meets windows and doors can be tricky to deal with. Make sure the door and window frames can be built out easily before considering this method.

To achieve the best results, choose quality sheathing with no buckling or warping. At McGuire Roofing & Construction, we only use high-quality products for our roof repair and siding replacement services. A properly conditioned and fastened exterior sheathing will prevent swelling and buckling. For new construction, the wall framing should be plumbed and placed uniformly to create a flat surface for the sheathing.


Furring is another way to prepare exterior walls for vinyl siding installation. It’s performed by installing spaced 1-by-2 strips across the walls and around their perimeters. The furring strips should be applied vertically for horizontal siding. They should also be placed next to the door and window frames and at building corners. Choosing this method means extending the window and door frames.

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