How to Tell if a Windstorm Has Left Your Roof in Bad Shape

Nothing is safe from powerful wind events, but roofs are the most vulnerable. Actually, they are the first casualties of windstorms, which is why they need immediate attention when the weather calms down.

How to Tell if a Windstorm Has Left Your Roof in Bad Shape

McGuire Roofing and Construction talks about the red flags to watch out for to schedule a roof repair right away.

Missing, Curled or Cracked Shingles

Shingles can be made resistant to wind uplift, but everything has its limit. Even those reinforced by starter strip shingles that are nailed multiple times can get blown off during sustained gusts or fleeting gales. When you find your yard littered with shingles, it means your roof is 100% covered.

Even if your shingles managed to hold on, it does not mean they are unaffected by the wind. The storm may have loosen their grip enough to curl. Those that stayed in place may have significant cracks due to the strong force of the wind.

Torn Flashings

Like shingles, flashings are another likely victim of windstorms. Yes, they are designed to waterproof the most vulnerable parts of a roof, but they are not immune to damage. There is a reason why veteran roofing contractors, like McGuire Roofing and Construction, inspect them first after a violet wind event.

Granule-Filled Gutters

High winds do not have to destroy the shingles themselves to cause harm to them. Sometimes, Nature just sweeps granules away to threaten the structural integrity of a roof. The good news is dislodged granules do not get far; they often rest in the gutters, making them easier to find.

Dented or Sagging Downspouts

Structurally unsound downspouts may present themselves immediately after a windstorm. Some of them may have completely fallen to the ground. When you notice one that is beginning to pull away from your house, seek professional assistance urgently for a roof repair.

Roof wind damage worsens only when neglected. Call McGuire Roofing and Construction at (865) 338-7663 to set up an appointment and get a free estimate in Oak Ridge or Maryville, TN.




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