Is It Worth It to Re-Use Flashing for Your Roof?

Flashing, is what trusted roof repair experts call the sheets of metal used to cover angles and joints in roofs. While having a completely flat roof with no unnecessary edges sounds like a time-saver as far as maintenance responsibilities go, this simply is not the case. Many homes will have parts of their roofs attached to walls, whether it’s from dormers or a lower level of their home. Quite a few will have joints where one roof section meets another, while other components such as chimneys will have angles impossible to cover up with shingles. For these cases, flashing is used.

Re-Use Flashing for Your Roof

How Leakages Occur

You can ask roofers about the most common areas where leaks occur and nine times out of ten, they’ll tell you that the flashing is the main culprit. Improper installation of a flashing will definitely lead to a leak and this is not a simple task. The nails that attach the flashing to the roof have to be angled precisely, otherwise water will find a way through the roof. So now the question is: if we’re having our roofs replaced, do we have to replace the flashing as well?

Why People Have Doubts

This is where most people can get a little bit confused. They see a thin piece of metal and they assume it can be simply placed back on the newly installed roof like before. After all, a brand-new flashing is another item on the job order and they might want to save money on a potentially pricey repair project. As we mentioned, however, the key to an effective flashing is nail placement performed by trained roofing contractors. Unfortunately, nails just can’t be nailed precisely the same way as before and the discrepancies that pop up, no matter how small, could have huge consequences.

The Right Job Done the Right Way

The truth is: re-using flashing is something even veteran roof experts admit to using because it’s easier and the cheaper price seem to appeal to more clients. However, considering the number of times that services were needed, just because a previous contractor re-used old flashing, it can’t be emphasized enough that doing the job the right way, is truly the only way.

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