Let Your Roof Breathe Better With Proper Roof Vents

Having adequate ventilation is important for any home and one way of achieving that is by having a roofing system with the proper vents installed. Here are some useful notes from our team of residential roof construction experts at McGuire Roofing & Construction on how roof vents can benefit you and your home.

Let Your Roof Breathe Better With Proper Roof Vents

Regulated Indoor Temperature

Roof vents play an important role in regulating indoor temperature. To keep your home properly ventilated and at comfortable temperature levels, you want a continuous cycle of cool intake and hot exhaust. This can be done by having enough intake and exhaust vents. Soffit vents, which are installed under the eaves are a popular form of intake vents. Ridge vents are exhaust vents that as their name suggests, are installed on roof ridges.

Better Air Quality

When a home is well-ventilated, the indoor air quality improves too. As most of your days are spent indoors, you want to be sure that your health is not placed at risk inside your own home. Better air quality means less exposure to harmful chemicals, allergens and other contaminants. As expert roofing contractors, our McGuire Roofing & Construction team understands how important indoor air quality is. This is why we work closely with our customers to ensure they have the appropriate roofing vents installed, depending on what type of roof they want and how big their home is, among others.

Strong Structural Integrity

You help safeguard your home’s structural integrity by taking measures to achieve adequate ventilation. Well-ventilated homes are less prone to condensation and moisture retention issues. There are numerous effects of moisture damage to a home that can put its reliability at risk, including roof failure, siding failure and even foundation damage.

Let our McGuire Roofing & Construction team help you properly ventilate your home with the right roof vents. We are a team of expert residential and commercial roofing contractors, successfully completing home improvement projects for over 25 years. Call us at (865) 338-7663 or (865-338-ROOF). Estimates are free for residents of Oak Ridge and Knoxville, TN.



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