Making the Right Choice Between a Roof Repair or Replacement

At some point in your roofing system’s life span, you’ll have to choose between repairing or replacing it to address a certain problem. This, however, can be far from easy, given the warning signs that necessitate either one of the two are very similar.

As one of the top roofing contractors in the area, we can tell if a roof repair or replacement is the better course of action. Here’s what you need to know:

The Extent of Roof Damage

Checking the extent of the damage can help determine whether to repair or replace a roof. Generally, a repair is only done when the damage is restricted to a certain part of the roof. For instance, shingles that have been damaged by storm-driven debris are patched up. However, if the issues are those that compromise the structural integrity of the roof and the home as a whole, then a replacement would be necessary.

The Age of the Roof

When a roof is nearing the end of its life span, any repair work done on it may cost as much as a complete replacement. For instance, residential and commercial roofing contractors recommend a full-blown replacement for an asphalt shingle roof once it reaches the 20th year. By then, they only have five years until the roof components are removed to accommodate the new one.

Moisture Damage

Deciding between a repair or replacement to address a moisture issue on a roof can be tricky. That said, the latter would make sense if there is extensive rot on the integral parts of the roof structure. If, however, the roof sustained the same damage but only within a few years of installation, then a repair is in order.

When you suspect you have a roofing issue, get in touch with McGuire Roofing & Construction as soon as possible. We are experts in commercial and residential roof construction. Once you contact us, we come to your home and inspect your roof for you, completely free of charge. Based on our findings, we may recommend repairs or replacement. When you work with us, expect us to quickly fix any existing issues to prevent further damage to the rest of your home.

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