Metal Roofs: Factors to Consider for Each Project

A relatively recent development for both commercial and residential roofing is metal. Despite its newness, it has been tried and tested for both homes and properties. Owners of either have enjoyed a good-looking roof made with energy-saving materials, resulting in a durable system. Here at McGuire Roofing and Construction, your trusted local roofing contractors, we show you what options to weigh when considering metal roofs.

Metal Roofs: Factors to Consider for Each Project


Different metal roofs will vary depending on the slope. Generally, commercial buildings will have flat or low-sloped roofs. If you are getting metal, focus on high-quality maintenance properties. For example, those with high impact and fire ratings are ideal.

If you are living in a residential area, aesthetics come into play. You are less likely to be bothered with maintenance, since roofs are generally sloped higher, making maintenance simpler. For example, you can get metal roofs colored with a copper finish.


All metal roofs benefit from coatings. This is how they withstand rain and snow without rusting. Both residential and commercial roofing contractors can provide you with a selection of coating, each with its own unique benefits. Remember that all of them are waterproof, to a degree.

Another aspect of the coating is it’s color. Aside from protecting you, the material can also be a visual improvement. You can enjoy different hues and finishes for your roof. For example, you can get a dark green coat to go with your white siding.


Last and certainly not the least is the type of metal. Each type plays to a different strength, for both your commercial and residential roof construction. You can proceed with large sheets of metal, or you can have panels and shingles.

You can enjoy our metal roofs in Oak Ridge and Maryville, TN. We also offer our customers different materials for their roofing system. Call us today at (865)-338-7663 (865-338-ROOF) to learn more about our services and to schedule an in-home consultation.



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