Priority Areas for Roof Inspections

All roofs have specific parts that are vital to their proper functionality. From the decking to the soffits, these areas each have a role to fulfill. However, some of these parts could be more vulnerable to weather damage. As roofing contractors, we have seen many roofs affected in roughly the same places. Here are some of the priority areas you should check.

Priority Areas for Roof Inspections

The Attic

Damage to the roof is easy to spot if you go as close to it as possible. It’s never safe, though, to climb up on a roof on your own and check. The next best option is to assess the attic. Here, you can get a close look at any potential problems. For example, you can spot light penetrating through floorboards, or touch the roof to see if feels hot.


A common area for roof repair, these are horizontal bands located behind your gutters. They act as a barrier for the edge of your roof. Because of this, it can suffer moisture damage and rot. If you notice any watermarks here, call for a proper assessment by your contractor.


Moving past the fascia is another problem area. The gutters drain rainwater safely, moving it away from any part of your home. However, it can get clogged with leaves and shingle granules. It can also get weighed down by excess water, seen in homes with melting snow. Be sure to check the drainage every two months. If it is not draining properly, call for maintenance.


You should always check your shingles, which are easy to spot from the ground. These are your roof’s first line of defense, keeping you safe from the weather. Roof repair usually focuses on cracked, missing, or curving shingles.

At McGuire Roofing & Construction, we can help you find issues to these problem areas. We offer extensive repair and replacement services to our clients in Maryville and Oak Ridge, TN. Call us today at 865-338-7663 (865-338-ROOF) to learn more about our services.



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