Pro Insight: What a Roofer’s Typical Day Looks Like

As one of the leading residential and commercial roofing contractors in the region, McGuire Roofing & Construction takes pride in the experience and technical skills of our specialists. They are truly our biggest asset, considering the difficulty of the jobs they have to tackle every day. After all, roofing is no easy task. Roofing professionals must possess the necessary skills, have the guts to work at various heights, and be physically strong to be able to deliver their jobs properly. 

Local Roofer Daily Life

In this post, we share what a typical day looks like for an expert roofing contractor like us.

A Day in the Life of a Local Roofer

The majority of our roofing technicians spend the workday doing residential roof construction and repair, meeting the needs of local homeowners as required within the given period. Their day may also include servicing commercial buildings and installing gutters and gutter protection in various properties.

Before we begin with any job, we start with a thorough inspection of the system and property. Here, we will check and determine issues lying within the roof. From there, we’ll recommend the best material and course of action for the upgrade, based on the roof type and pitch.

Afterward, we’ll cover your valuables and start tearing off the old roof carefully to make sure nothing important gets damaged. Our installers will put the new materials in place, sealing the areas where moisture may penetrate with flashings. As with any reputable roofing contractors, we also make sure the roof is properly ventilated and the attic has ample insulation.

Let Our Professional Team Help You

Aside from having well-trained specialists, we also back our work up with the use of top-grade roofing products and comprehensive warranty coverage. With our exclusive GAF Master Elite® certification, you can rest easy knowing everything we do on a typical day is on par with industry standards.

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