The Characteristics of a Maintainable Commercial Roof

Roofs that are well maintained by reliable roofing contractors last longer and offer more protection to buildings. Investing in regular roof maintenance can save you from costly repairs and energy bills.

Here are the elements of a maintainable commercial roof.

Efficient Drainage System 

It prevents standing water on the roof, which can cause damage to the surface and other parts of the structure.

Limited Roof Access

Good access is essential for roof inspections and repairs, but people who shouldn’t be there can easily access the area, which can cause stress to the roofing material. Make sure you control those who can get onto the roof. Consider locking the door if your roof can be accessed from the inside. It will prevent people who want to smoke from going to the roof. You can use a removable ladder or make a built-in ladder retractable or lockable.

Sufficient Equipment Clearance

The National Roofing Contractors Association has guidelines on the height of equipment stands to allow sufficient clearance to let commercial roofing contractors perform maintenance and repairs. Larger equipment would need a higher stand.

Space Around Penetrations

Penetrations through the roof require enough clearance for repairs. They should be at least a foot from roof edges and other fixtures on the roof.

Water Barriers Under Expansion Joints

It prevents water that leaks through the joints from entering the building. They can also be installed around the coping.

Limited Legs at the Corners

People usually take 8- to 10-foot pieces of metal and make long runs. Metal expands and contracts constantly. Limiting the legs in the corners to a foot would reduce the stress on the corners.

Two-Piece Counterflashing on Parapet Walls

You’ll have to repair or replace the flashing a couple of times if your roof has a long lifespan. A two-piece counterflashing on the parapet can be included in your next roof replacement.

Pipe Support Systems

Placing a block of wood on top of a membrane can damage the roofing material. The wood could rub back and forth and tear the membrane.

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