The Myth About Metal Roofs and Lightning

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to worry about metal roofing and the dangers of lightning strikes. There’s a perception that a metal roof increases the possibility of lightning discharging to a structure since metal is a highly conductive material.

Metal Roofs and Lightning

However, there is no substantial and definitive information on how to identify exactly where lightning would strike. Even though experts have knowledge on how lightning works, it still remains an unpredictable natural event.

In this article, McGuire Roofing & Construction, a top-rated roof repair expert, shares an explanation on why metal roofs do not necessarily attract lightning. Can Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?

The long and short of it is that metal roofing does not affect the probability of lightning striking your home. Lightning discharges typically depend on three factors — geography, topography and the movement of the storm. These determine the exact location where lightning will strike. Following this logic, lightning will strike whenever it’s ready whether there’s a metal roof nearby or not.

Another common misconception is that lightning rods function to attract lightning and that metal roofs work in the same way as these rods. This is incorrect because lightning rods are designed to protect a structure in the event of lightning strikes, and they do this by safely channeling lightning to the ground. As a result, damage to your roof or home is avoided; you don’t have to worry about expensive roof repair costs.How Does a Lightning Protection System Work?

If you want to be extra sure that lightning won’t strike your home, you need to ensure your roof is made of high-resistance materials. You should also consider getting a lightning protection system for your home.

A lightning protection system typically consists of a metal lightning rod, which is made to be the tallest part of your home. This is connected by metal wires to metal rods that are buried in the ground. So when lightning discharges, the lightning rod can safely route the discharge to the earth and avoid striking your home.

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