The Qualities of a Good Metal Roof

Metal roofs are expected to last 50 years, thanks to its natural durability and other unique qualities. The residential and commercial roofing contractors at McGuire Roofing & Construction discuss the qualities of a properly built metal roof.

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All properly-built roofs are sloped; even “flat” roofing systems are slightly sloped to ensure proper rainwater drainage. However, a steep slope offers many advantages: it facilitates efficient rainwater routing, it can boost your home’s curb appeal and helps prevent leaves and debris from staying on the roof. Metal roofing works with all types of roofing slopes, which can give you increased flexibility on your roofing design choices.


Most roofing contractors offer metal roofing in different gauges or thicknesses. A thicker gauge has a better resistance against damage caused by wind and debris, and may even have relatively lower roof maintenance requirements. Note that a thicker gauge means a heavier roof, so your roofing contractor needs to make sure that the existing roof framing will support heavier roofing. Thicker gauge roofing may also require longer drill times per fastener, an important factor to consider if your roof installation has an urgent deadline.


A properly installed metal roof is similar to most standard residential roofing systems. This means it should have components such as framing, decking, and insulation. It should also have a waterproofing barrier or underlayment. It serves as a secondary layer of protection in case the outer metal layer is punctured or otherwise damaged.

There are several types of underlayment, most of which can be installed on metal roofing systems. However, synthetic is more suitable for warm and humid southern climates, as they allow air and moisture to evaporate from the roof deck. This helps prevent moisture damage on both deckings, as well as corrosion on the outer roofing layer. Working with an experienced roofing company like McGuire Roofing & Construction will help make sure that you will get the best metal roofing that your home deserves.

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