Tips for Managing Bird Damage to Commercial Roofs

Bird damage on roofs exists in different forms. They have highly acidic droppings, which are harmful to asphalt roofs and HVAC units. Nests on the gutters can block water and cause it to back up, damaging the roofing material. However, these creatures are less likely to nest on properly maintained roofs.

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A trusted commercial and residential roof construction expert shares tips to help you manage bird damage during the nesting season and in the fall.

Address Roofing Problems

A bird can build a nest on a gap or hole in your roof. Spraying polyurethane foam (SPF), a roofing foam, attracts birds because it’s a high insular material, which is excellent for a nest. Get your roof repaired or replaced if you have an SPF roof and part of the acrylic covering has worn away.

Ponding occurs when a flat roof isn’t level. Birds may take this pond as somewhere to drink or bathe. Professional roofing contractors can fix the underlying problem with your roof and make it level. It’s also important to clear your roof of loose gravel. Some birds eat them to aid indigestion.

Contact a pest control company immediately if you see signs of an insect infestation in your building.

Deter Birds With Predator Decoys

Birds will stay away from areas where they think there’s a predator. You can hire hawk handlers to have birds perch on your roof or fly around your property. This may have to be repeated a few times for successful results. However, it’s easier to place a fake predator on your roof. Plastic decoys of owls, hawks, falcons, crocodiles, snakes, foxes, and other creatures that feed on birds should work.

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