Top 5 Reasons Why Asphalt Shingles Go Bald

Asphalt shingles shed their granules as they age. The more they go bald, the faster they deteriorate. Some shingles become thin on top more quickly because of their location on the rood, but they all suffer the same fate in the end.

Today, McGuire Roofing and Construction, one of the top local residential and commercial roofing contractors, expounds on the top reasons behind asphalt shingle granule loss.

  1. Loss of Volatiles

The volatiles in asphalt shingles dissipate over time. This phenomenon degrades the bond between the asphalt and the surface granules, causing the affected shingles to become bald.

  1. Excessive Granules

Any honest residential roof construction expert would attest that granule loss should not cause immediate panic. It is not uncommon for brand-new shingles to have too many protective granules. The excessive ones usually end up in the gutters in no time.

  1. Abrasion

Overhanging trees can scrape the surface of an asphalt-shingle roof. All sizes of hailstones can also dislodge the protective granules of unlucky shingles upon impact. If a roof is accessible, foot traffic may cause premature granule loss too.

  1. Product Defect

McGuire Roofing and Construction admits that some shingles are bound to lose their granules too early. Any issue during the manufacture of the roofing product can result in this defect.

Also, asphalt shingles may begin aging rapidly prior to installation due to improper installation. It can be hard to identify bad batches of products, for they are mixed with the good ones. Only time can expose them since they normally begin to look different, which is evident in the patterns they make.

  1. Blistering

Experienced roofing contractors know that shingle blisters do not necessarily stem from manufacturing errors. Blistering may occur because of poor attic ventilation. The intense heat may cause the trapped moisture in the shingles to rise up and produce blisters, pushing the granules out of the way.

Shingle granule loss, regardless of its cause, should be addressed in a timely manner. Call McGuire Roofing and Construction to arrange a free consultation in Oak Ridge or Knoxville, TN, and to schedule a necessary repair ASAP.

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