Warning Signs Your Roof Might Be Damaged

It’s important to keep an eye on your roof because it’s constantly exposed to the elements. Wear and tear will eventually cause damage to your roof, leading to roof leaks. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by paying attention to the warning signs and hiring a contractor to maintain your roof. McGuire Roofing and Construction, one of the top roofing contractors in our area, talks about these warning signs:

Warning Signs Your Roof Might Be Damaged

Missing Shingles

Missing or blown-off shingles are a sure sign your roofing system is damaged. Missing shingles expose your underlayment to moisture. If left unattended, leaks will form and reach your attic and ceiling.

Loose Flashings

Roof flashings protect the joints of your roof, the areas around roof penetrations and the roof valleys. Their job is to keep water out. However, bad weather can degrade flashings, particularly if they are incorrectly installed. As a roof repair expert, we recommend observing your roof flashings regularly. If you spot any gaps in them, call a roofer to prevent that gap from causing leaks.

Shingle Granule Erosion

We suggest paying attention to your gutters and checking for shingle granules. Excessive shingle granules mean that your asphalt shingles are near the end of their life span. Without shingle granules your asphalt shingles can become brittle and crack, allowing water to infiltrate your roof.

Curling and Buckling Shingles

This is another warning that your roofing shingles might be near the end of their service life. The weather will have significantly eroded your shingles and they can now be blown off by strong winds. In addition, rain can get through the gaps between your shingles and damage the underlayment. Contact a roofer to diagnose the cause behind this problem.

Our maintenance and roof repair services will prevent roof leaks from forming and extend your roof’s life span. We also provide a complete roof replacement if necessary. Call us at (865) 338-7663 to learn more about our services and products or to get a free estimate. We serve Maryville, Oak Ridge, and nearby areas in TN.




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