Your Ultimate Guide to Metal Roof Shingles

Considering what material to use when having a roof repair or roof replacement can be vital. Besides efficiency and durability, you also have to take into account how it would affect the overall look of your house.

Your Ultimate Guide to Metal Roof Shingles

Using metal roof shingles can be the solution to your problem. It can offer longevity, durability and uncommon resistance, energy efficiency and on top of this, it adds rugged charm appeal to your home.

A Closer Look

Metal roof shingles is a popular choice in building roofing systems nowadays. Compared to other conventional roofing materials, it is built to last for more than 50 years. With paint and coating technological advancements, metal roofs can deliver enhanced performance and complete resistance to rust and corrosion. In addition, it is energy-efficient and can guarantee homeowners to save 40% energy costs because of its ability to dissipate radiant energy from the sun.

McGuire Roofing and Construction, a top notch roof repair company,  offers a selection of metal roof shingles with elegant textures and a rainbow of colors. Some of these are cedar shingles, natural slate impression and simple flat tile impression.

These metal shingles cost the same or even less to install. Moreover, unlike traditional slates, these are not expensive and heavy. With these, you can get the look of classic cedar, slate and flat tile without breaking the bank and undermining the quality.

Factors to Consider

As usual, there are drawbacks when it comes to installing metal roof shingles. The first thing you should look at is the possible denting of the metal when a strong impact comes in contact with it. Metal shingles can take hits from different sources and have permanent dents and scratches which can be hard to fix. Furthermore, it is also prone to lightning since metal conducts electricity and naturally attracts it.

Choosing a sturdy roofing material for your roof is crucial since it will protect your home for the years to come. As reliable roofing contractors, McGuire Roofing and Construction is here to give outstanding metal roofing services for your property. Call us today at 865-338-7663 for more details about our products and services. We serve Maryville, Oak Ridge and the surrounding TN communities.



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